Stephen Marley

 author and game designer

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Stephen Marley is a UK author whose critically acclaimed novels and short stories cover genres from dark fantasy through science fiction to historical. He has also designed videogames for PC and Playstation and directed voice-actors for game dialogue scripts.

Chia Black Dragon
The most dangerous woman in the history of man

Chia, a woman born part-human. part-demon in China in the fourth millennium BC is the central character in Stephen Marley's historically-based dark fantasy series comprising Spirit Mirror, Mortal Mask and Shadow Sisters.

As dark fantasy goes, the epic Chia Black Dragon series is as dark as they come, although leavened throughout with an engaging quirkiness and wicked black humour. Stephen has other Chia novels planned, the next bringing her forward in time to present-day London.




Stephen has recently completed a contemporary Vatican mystery thriller that begins with the poisoning of Pope John Paul I and the subsequent execution of the Italian banker Roberto Calvi under Blackfriars Bridge in London, then jumps two decades forwards to the present in which Dominic Quinn, a young Irish-American becomes entangled in the long-term consequences of the pope’s murder and finds himself drawn deeper into mysteries that reach back to first-century Ephesus. 

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