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Stephen Marley has designed video games on a freelance basis, chiefly with the developers Creative Reality. In addition to game design he also worked on dialogue scripts, concept work and directed actors for voice recording.

Martian Gothic
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Martian Gothic- more screen shots

Martian Gothic - more screen shots

Martian Gothic- more screen shots

Martian Gothic - more screen shots


Ambitious for its time, this survival horror game consists of action, adventure and puzzle-solving for a chilling experience. Stephen designed the game, wrote the dialogue script, cast and directed the voice actors (including Fenella Fielding and Julie Peasgood).

Martian Gothic is a third-person action adventure set on the hostile, alien landscape of Mars. Controlling an investigative team of three, you must unravel the mysterious events of Martian research station Vita 1 and overcome hazards, obstacles and other unforeseen dangers by utilising each character's unique skill-set. One of the original features of Martian Gothic is the player’s freedom to switch between any one of three characters at will. 

The back story of Martian Gothic involves the finding in Antarctica of the meteorite labelled ALH84001 and the later NASA claim that the meteorite contained fossilised micro-organisms. According to the story line, a global corporation took over NASA’s role and established a bacterial research base on Mars. At the start of the game, all transmissions from the base have terminated abruptly and remain silent. In response, a team of three is sent to investigate the situation at the base.

Trivia items: Stephen, under the name of Michael McGann, supplied the voices for four of the recordings of Vita 1 base members – and most of the male zombies. Martian Gothic was never intended to be appended with the meaningless ‘Unification’ tag and Stephen has always objected to it. ‘Unification’ was a point-and-click adventure under development before Stephen joined the Creative Reality team. This earlier game was abandoned with the design concept of Martian Gothic, although some of Unification’s item-based puzzle-solving elements were, unfortunately, carried over into the new game.

Published 2002, Developer Creative Reality; Publisher Talonsoft

Platform: Playstation and PC

Lead game designer; dialogue script; studio casting and voice actor director


diary of a (mad?) man

Story outline and prequel story published with game
See Diary of a (Mad?) man on the
Short Stories page.

Published 1994: Developer Creative Reality, Publisher Empire Interactive Entertainment
Platform: Amiga and PC


Published 1998, Developer Mindscape; Publisher Electronic Arts
Platform: PC
Dialogue scriptwriter; voice actor directo

Current Project: SHADOW

Shadow is a video game Stephen designed for PC and Playstation 2 which has Chia Black Dragon as its central character. The game is an action adventure which plays out in a sequence of historical flashback episodes. 

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